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Recife, Brazil

Recife Brazil

Recife, Brazil, boasts a population of around 1,650,000. It was originally built as a commercial port but its white sand beaches bordered by palm trees allow for a lighter side of life as well. It is the capital of the northeastern state of Pernambuco. Recife has been referred to as the Venice of Brazil, so named for the many canals that cross it and the abundance of bridges. The city was named for the coral reefs that line the coast. The local fishermen brave the high seas in jangadas, crude log rafts with beautiful sails unique to the area, managing these in these waters requires special skills passed from father to son. Recife has a substantial night life as well with a good selection of restaurants and taverns. For the tourist's comfort it boasts a variety of hotels. Hotels from the luxurious to the economical, here just the right hotel for your budget and taste is awaiting your selection. Of course the seafood is superb and fresh. On the more serious side it is the export point for products from the interior like sugar, cotton, and coffee.

Carnival Brazil´s most special time – CARNIVAL – a time when the entire city explodes In a 5 day long revelry. While to the casual observer this is an apparently chaotic time, with seemingly no rhyme or reason to the ebb & flow of events and rituals, there is in fact a logic and schedule (albeit a loosely adhered – to one !) that governs the festival. Although Carnival is a Country celebration, and all the country stops for 5 days.. each region has its own culture and different ways to celebrate.   The most popular carnival celebrations are Rio de Janiero, Salvador de Bahia and Recife. The Carnival happens 40 days before the celebration of Easter Holiday, that’s the reason that the date changes every year. For 2010 it is February 13 to 16 with the Winners Parade (The Grand Parade) on February 20. For 2011 it is March 5,6,7,8 with the Winners Parade on March 12. It is a good idea to plan and make reservations as far in advance as possible as Brazil gets pretty full then. Many hotels have increased rates in this period and have minimum stays of 3 or 4 days.

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Hotel Stars Location Single USD
click here for the Aconchego Hotel in Recife BrazilAconchego 3 Boa Viagem Beach $46
click here for the Aquamar Hotel in Recife BrazilAquamar Praia 3 Boa Viagem Beach $39
click here for the Atlante Plaza Hotel in Recife BrazilAtlante Plaza 5 Boa Viagem Beach $116
click here for the Best Western Manibu Hotel in Recife BrazilBest Western Manibu 4  Boa Viagem Beach $67
click here for the Blue Tree Ceasar Hotel in Recife BrazilBlue Tree Ceasar 4 Piedade Beach $71
click here for the Caesar Park Do Cabo Hotel in Recife BrazilCaesar Park Do Cabo 5 Beach $222
click here for the Holiday Inn Hotel in Recife BrazilHoliday Inn 3 Boa Viagem Beach $101
click here for the International Palace Hotel in Recife BrazilInternacional Palace 4 Boa Viagem Beach $69
click here for the Mar Hotel in Recife BrazilMar Hotel 5 Boa Viagem Beach $82
click here for the Marante Plaza Hotel in Recife BrazilMarante Plaza 4 Boa Viagem Beach $73
click here for the Novotel Chaves Hotel in Recife BrazilNovotel Chaves 4 Beach $46
click here for the Parthenon Golden Beach Hotel in Recife BrazilParthenon Golden Beach 4 Piedade Beach $52
click here for the Parthenon Navegantes Hotel in Recife BrazilParthenon Navegantes 4 Boa Viagem Beach $51
click here for the Recife Palace Lucism Hotel in Recife BrazilRecife Palace Lucsim 5 Boa Viagem Beach $90
click here for the Recife Praia Hotel in Recife BrazilRecife Praia 3 Boa Viagem Beach $96

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