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Manaus, Brazil

Manaus Brazil

Manaus, Brazil, has a well developed tourist infra structure with hotels to suite any traveler's taste. Hotels from 2 to 5 stars are available to fit any traveler's budget too.  Manaus has over 1.5 million in population and lies along the north bank of the Negro River, 11 miles above its joining the mighty Amazon. It is located 900 miles inland from the Atlantic coast in the heart of the Amazon rain forest. As a major inland port (reached by oceangoing vessels from the Atlantic) it is a collecting and distribution center for the river areas of the upper Amazon. The first European settlement on the site was in 1669. A small settlement developed and in 1850 became the capital of the province of Amazonas. From 1890 to 1920 the rubber boom brought prosperity to the city, actually to a few rubber barons. During this period the great Opera House was constructed. The best entertainers from Europe and North America were brought in for the pleasure of the 100 or so families that then controlled the economy of the area. With the advent of synthetic rubber in the early 1920's the economic importance of natural rubber, and consequently that of Manaus declined considerably and never really bounced back. For the tourist it is a kicking off place for tours of the Amazon and it has also been declared a duty free zone. It has a varied selection of hotels, and restaurants.

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Hotel Stars Location Single USD
Click here for the Ariau Amazon Towers hotel in Manaus, BrazilAriau Amazon Towers 5 Beach/River UR
Click here for the Jungle Palace hotel in Manaus, BrazilJungle Palace Lodge On the river $308
Click here for the Monaco hotel in Manaus, BrazilMonaco 3 Downtown $60
Click here for the Novotel Manaus hotel in Manaus, BrazilNovotel Manaus 4 In the City $139
Click here for the Tropical Manaus resort hotel in Manaus, BrazilTropical Manaus 5 Beach $216

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