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Ilheus, Brazil

Ilheus Brazil

Ilheus, Brazil  is a small town about 400Km south of Salvador and 315 Km north of Porto Seguro where the local coastline is broken up by 5 rivers and a series of bays, lagoons and waterways. The heart of the city is on a hill that overlooks one of the largest and best beaches in Bahia. It is between hills, beach and a small harbour at the mouth of the Cachoeira River. It dates back to the early 1500's and inspite of many modern buildings there still remains plenty of the past for the tourist to expolore before heading to the beaches. It is the birthplace of Amado one of the best-known of the Brazilian authors. If you are not familiar with his novel Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon you will be, seems most of the bars, hotels and restaraunts are named after it.

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Hotel Stars Location Single USD
Click here for the Barravento Praia in Ilheus, BrazilBarravento Praia 3 Milhado Beach UR
Click here for the Cana Brava Resort hotel  in Ilheus, BrazilCana Brava Resort 5 Batuva Beach UR
Click here for theIlha de Comandatuba hotel in Ilheus, BrazilIlha de Comandatuba 5 Island $277
Click here for the Ilheus Praia hotel in Ilheus, BrazilIlheus Praia 3 Beach UR
Click here for theMarinas Pousads hotel in Ilheus, BrazilMarinas Pousada 3 Sul Beach $35
Click here for the Pousada do Ibidcus hotel in Ilheus, BrazilPousada dos Ibiscus 3 Sul Beach UR
Click here for the Pousada Vitoria hotel in Ilheus, BrazilPousada Vitoria 3 Sul Beach $76
Click here for the Praia do Sol hotel in Ilheus, BrazilPraia do Sol 3 Sul Beach UR

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