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Florianópolis, Brazil

Florianopolis Brazil Beach

Florianópolis, Brazil is the capital of the region and the biggest island in Santa Catarina State. It is about 31 miles long and 11 miles wide at its widest. No slouch when it comes to development and tourist infrastructure, Florianópolis has 42 beaches, an international airport, various hotel chains, many restaurants and bars and particularly friendly natives. It has a number of paved roads, dunes, rivers, and streams. In the heart of the island there is a large lake, Lagoa da Conceição. Throughout out the island one can buy handicrafts especially baskets from straw and wicker, as well as ceramics. Sundays there is a craft market on the Praça XV de Novembro. Worth a visit too the center. Brazil is beaches and Florianópolis is a great choice for sun, sand and surf.

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Hotel Stars Location Single USD
Click here for Porto Sol Hotel in Florianopolis, BrazilPorto Sol (former Ardentia) 3 Ingleses Beach $98
Click here for Centro Sol Hotel in Florianopolis, BrazilCentro Sul 3 Downtown UR
Click here for Costa Norte Hotel in Florianopolis, BrazilCosta Norte 4 Ingleses Beach UR
Click here for Costao do Santinho Resort Hotel in Florianopolis, BrazilCostão do Santinho Resort 5 Santinho Beach $154
Click here for Praia Hotel in Florianopolis, BrazilHotel da Praia 4 Ingleses Beach $98
Click here for Dimas Park Hotel in Florianopolis, BrazilDimas Park 3 Marina/Ocean front  $53
Click here for Estrela do Mar Hotel in Florianopolis, BrazilEstrela do Mar 4 Ingleses Beach UR
Click here for Gaivotas Praia Hotel in Florianopolis, BrazilGaivotas Praia 3 Ingleses Beach $52
Click here for Ingleses Praial Hotel in Florianopolis, BrazilIngleses Praia 4 Ingleses Beach UR
Click here for Ivoram Praia Hotel in Florianopolis, BrazilIvoram Praia 3 Canasvieriras Beach $86
Click here forMaratea Mare Hotel in Florianopolis, BrazilMaratea Mare 3 Jesus Beach UR
Click here for Maria do Mar Hotel in Florianopolis, BrazilMaria do Mar 4 Beach UR
Click here for Porto Ingleses Hotel in Florianopolis, BrazilPorto Ingleses 4 Ingleses Beach $109
São Sebastião da Praia 3 Campeche Beach UR
Click here for Torres da Cachoeira Hotel in Florianopolis, BrazilTorres da Cachoeira 4 Jesus Beach $93

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