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Curitiba, Brazil

Curitiba Brazil

Curitiba, Brazil (population 1,700,000 ) is the Capital of the state of Paraná has a large and diverse tourism structure featuring hotels to fit any traveler's taste or budget. Curitiba is situated in the south of Brazil next to the seacoast mountain ridge. It has a rich colonization history which began in the 17th century. The city is extremely pleasant all around with good weather and 4 defined seasons. Above all it is very friendly, in fact comfortable for the traveler. A curios combination of natural scenic surroundings and the busy metropolitan life seem to coexist without clashing. People here live a slightly different life style from other Brazilian state capitals. They enjoy an increasing quality of life that began a few decades ago. Getting around is quick and safe via the unique "Speedy Bus", that uses bus tube stop. This unique service provides comfort and speed on the surface without the high costs of an subway or metro. During the 1970's, Curitiba protected and refurbished the historic buildings within the historic sector. Together with museums, cinemas and theatres like the Guaíra and Paiol, an integrated effort for cultural revival was started. They also created pedestrian only streets like the famous Flowers Street - the central avenue of the downtown became the first pedestrian street in the country as a meeting and leisure point. On Saturdays the pedestrian areas are entertained by street performers. The creation of parks and the preservation of woods guaranteed to maintain the quality of life were also created. Because of its accomplishments Curitiba deserves its title of ecological capital of Brazil.

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Hotel Stars Location Single USD
Click here for the Altareggia Plaza Hotel in Curitiba, BrazilAltareggia Plaza 4 Downtown $82
Click here for the Bourbou Curitiba Hotel in Curitiba, BrazilBourbon Curitiba 5 Downtown $109
Click here for the Lancaster Hotel in Curitiba, BrazilLancaster 3 Downtown $83
Click here for the Mabu Curitiba  Hotel in Curitiba, BrazilMabu Curitiba 4 Downtown $91
Click here for the Mabu Parque Hotel in Curitiba, BrazilMabu Parque 4 Downtown $90
Click here for the Nikko Hotel in Curitiba, BrazilNikko 4 Downtown UR
Click here for the Ouro Verde Hotel in Curitiba, BrazilOuro Verde 3 Downtown $41
Click here for the San Martin Hotel in Curitiba, BrazilSan Martin 3 Downtown $38
Click here for the Slaviero Braz Hotel in Curitiba, BrazilSlaviero Braz 4 Downtown $67
Click here for the Slaviero Palace Hotel in Curitiba, BrazilSlaviero Palace 3 Downtown $60
Click here for the Vernon Palace Hotel in Curitiba, BrazilVernon Palace 4 Downtown $91
Click here for theVictoria Villa Hotel in Curitiba, BrazilVictoria Villa 4 Downtown UR

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