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Bonito river

Bonito, Brazil is a small town of Serra da Bodoquena, is in the middle of a region which is just being discovered because of the unbelievable clear blue quality of its rivers and springs. Although new it boasts a good tourism structure with hotels catering to the tourist. The abundant limestone in the region makes an enormous filter for all the rivers and streams, removing the sediment and producing water almost magical in its clarity. The region has been careful in handling this large influx of tourism and balancing it against any possible impact on the environment. Bonito is a region rich in caves and waterfalls and presents countless attractions for travelers of all tastes and ages. Gruta do Lago Azul is a calcareous formation, greenish due to the deposit of vegetation, sediments and its Lago Azul (Blue Lake) is 100 m. below the ground (to maintain preservation of the site no swimming in the lake is allowed). However, diving in the Acquario Natural (Natural Aquarium) is a must and is done among enormous aquatic plants and large numbers of multicolored fish, some found only here. Another trip which is a must is touring the Rio Olho D'agua to its end, in the Rio da Prata. Rafting on Rio Formosa provides a touch of adventure to the trip and the opportunity to see the rich vegetation and the fauna on the river banks, encountering monkeys, toucans and macaws.

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Click here for the Paraiso das Aguas hotel in Bonito BrazilParaiso das Aguas 3 Downtown UR
Click here for the Pousada Chao de Pedra hotel in Bonito,BrazilPousada Chao de Pedra 3 Downtown UR

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