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Belem, Brazil

Downtown Belém Brazil

Belém is the capital of Para, Brazil and it sits at the main point of entry to the Amazon River from the Atlantic Ocean. In the 19th century Belem was in the midst of the rubber boom. Interesting cultural attractions such as the Ver o Peso market were created and today are a reminder of that time. It is an interesting city because of its location, history, and importance as an economic and commercial center. Most people use this city as a base before voyaging on river cruises up and down the Amazon.

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Hotel Stars Location Single USD
Click here for the Beira Rio Hotel in Belem, BrazilBeira Rio 4 In the city $71
Click here for the Hilton Hotel in Belem, BrazilHilton Belém 5 In the city  $170
Click here for the Regenta Hotel in Belem, BrazilRegente 3 Downtown $119

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